The Seed Project™ encouraged me to sit and be and to evaluate what is important to me; I haven't done this in a while and needed to be reawakened-- to find and pull together the scattered parts-Karen
Feeling "alive" is complex—it is a balance of so many things, but mostly, it is taking the time to nurture myself so that I am true to myself and who I really am-Lori
I'm taking better care of myself, looking deeper into myself, discovering who I am-Angela
I have hope for change and growth, and know that I have the seeds to make it happen-Catherine
I'm going to miss it. I wish the Seed Project™ were available every week!-Michelle
What you have both created is magic. The beauty in which the seed grows is a blessing to witness. Thanks for the experience!-Melanie
I now find myself spending more time being understanding, being grateful for so much, honoring the goodness in others and the planet, and letting go of the small stuff.-Susan
I have recognition and understanding of how to value and place relationships -Julie
I feel more present and focused on myself, others and our experiences-Lisa
I feel more engaged, and aware of equal exchange of contributing and receiving, and learning from all experiences-Valerie
I have more self-awareness of moods and of not trying to fix everything and make everyone happy-Linda
I've been able to put my relationships with family and friends into a helpful perspective-Emily
Every week felt like an extremely safe experience-Kathy
I learned to put aside old priorities and see what is clearly important for me now-Amie
I have learned how to honor the inner creativity and beauty in me-Lyn
I have learned to respect my own cycles of creativity (what's growing and what's dying) and be aware of where I am in my life-Cheryl
Feeling "alive" means feeling, seeing and being present in my life. I know I have a lot to give and room to receive the gifts of life-Shelly
I feel more connected to the love and the hope in my life-Clare
Being "alive' means fulfilling my destiny in this life and being connected to others, as well as to my core values and beliefs-Janet
I opened areas of myself that had been closed for a long time-Jill
I have more everyday creativity and consciousness about ways to be more creative, and where I want to put my energy-Cate
I'm learning to let go of expectation and live in expectancy!-Ally
I'm learning to be true to myself first so that I am better able to give back-Elizabeth