Stop and savor all that's around you!

Posted on Oct. 14, 2012 at 12:26 p.m.

By: Daniela Abbott

Dear Thriving women,

What a delightful time of year. Leaves of gold, orange, red, purple, lime green and soft pink color our landscape as the fall prepares us, with one long and exuberant burst of color, for the quiet starkness of winter. Indeed, this is a time to stop and savor all that's around you!

When we use the word savor, it is often in conjunction with a delicious meal we're tasting, a glass of wine we're sipping, or time with a beloved child or friend we rarely see. Yet, savoring is a technique that can be applied to much of daily life, as a practice that increases feelings of appreciation and overall happiness. Fred B. Bryant and Joseph Veroff of Loyola University outline five simple steps you can practice to increase the savoring in your life:

  • Absorption: let yourself get totally immersed in your senses. Turn off your mind (and all its chatter) and immerse yourself in what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell
  • Sharpen your perceptions: focus on certain elements of what you're experiencing, going deeply into one of your senses (for example, the different aromas you smell or flavors you taste) while blocking out other sensory experiences
  • Build memories: take mental snapshots or bring home a souvenir that help you remember and re-experience your savored event
  • Congratulate yourself: remind yourself of what a wonderful experience you had, and of how proud you are for creating and participating in this special event
  • Share with others: seek out others with whom you can share your experience. Tell them all about it, and how much you valued that moment. Of all five savoring techniques, this one will most strongly enhance your level of pleasure :)

Like mindfulness, the practice of savoring helps you live in the moment and enjoy it deeply. Schedule a walk at a favorite park, or simply take a few moments to savor the beauty that surrounds you, then share it with a friend. The pleasure you take in and share will continue to give back to you many times afterward.

Wishing you the joys of savoring during this beautiful season,



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