Thriving Women: A group of us were having a conversation the other day...

Posted on Oct. 18, 2005 at 10:05 a.m.

By: Randi Waldman

Dear Thriving Women,

A group of us were having a conversation the other day, and were sharing stories of unexpected acts of kindness and how they impacted us.  Some of the stories were touching, some humorous, and all shared a similar theme – kindness is powerful, and when it arrives unexpectedly, it has wonderful healing properties and staying power.  Some of the stories were about an event that happened many years previous and felt as important on the day of our conversation as the day it occurred.  We talk a lot about kindness and compassion in iTHRiVE, and how deeply those virtues contribute to aliveness and verditas.  In A Pocketful of Miracles,  Joan Borysenko talks about the cultivation of virtue through loving kindness as both a selfless act and one that the Dalai Lama calls “wise selfish”.  The reason for that is simple.  Every action calls forth a reaction, so that we must respect the potential effects of all our deeds.  In Eastern thought this is called karma.  In Hebrew it is called sekhar veonesh.  The immediate reaction to a kind act is that we feel happy doing it.  The long-term benefits are as far-reaching as the ripples of time, since they are handed down from generation to generation.

Borysenko suggests to spend a few moments in reflection or meditation and contemplate the effects that your parents’ loving kindness or lack of the same had on your life.  Think of one person who has shown loving kindness or a random act of kindness to you and how it affected you.  A few years ago there was a book and then a movie called “Pay it Forward”.    The concept of “paying it forward” is to do something unexpected, generous and kind for someone in your life – family, friend or complete stranger. If they try to thank or repay you, merely tell them to “pay it forward” to someone else. Try it this week and see how you feel.  We would love to hear your stories!

In the theme of loving kindness, we want to share some more info on our R&R (Replenish and Return) event which will be happening on Thursday, November 17th from 7-10 pm.  We have had a great response and it is going to be such a great evening together to herald in the upcoming holiday season in iTHRiVE style!  Please remember that guests are welcome….it would be a fun way to introduce iTHRiVE to new women.  Following are some particulars:

It is a pot luck event.  iTHRiVE is providing drinks, bread and dessert

The theme is Around the World and we encourage you to bring a dish that was a favorite from your heritage or one that represents a culture that you want represented that evening!

We are going to have an iTHRiVE Market Place with artisans displaying their wares, and are encouraging iTHRiVE women who have art to sell to bring it that evening and we will have an area for you to show your crafts.  If you know of someone outside of the

iTHRiVE community who has art or craft to share, please have them contact us and we will include them.

We have several iTHRiVE women who are active in particular charities or community Boards.  If you want to share your cause with the group, we will give you some time to talk or a place to display what you represent.  Again, if you know of someone else who is doing any inspiring work that promotes awareness for a cause and would like to have them at our R&R, please have them contact us.

Finally, please bring the mini toiletries that are found in hotel rooms.  We are going to do a group project and will provide the wrappings to make individual packages for Safe House and one other women’s shelter.

It will be a wonderful evening to replenish our own spirits and return back to the community, and we can’t think of a better way to start the holiday season.  We look forward to gathering and sharing the great iTHRiVE feeling of connection!

Much love,
Randi and Daniela


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