Thriving Women: Delight in Daily Doses...

Posted on May 10, 2007 at 11:01 a.m.

By: Randi Waldman

Dearest Thriving Women,
Delight in Daily Doses…….
It is impossible to ignore the delights of the season…..fragrant pink and white blossoms, the delicate new green of budding trees, tulip leaves holding promise for blooms soon-to-be, opening day for baseball, prom limos dotting the highways, the smell of sunscreen, birds chirping in the early morning light, sprinklers sending sparkling rainbows turning the “blond” to green on our lawns, that overpowering desire to play hooky, the warm sun on newly bared winter-white skin, fresh breezes blowing through open windows in the house, brand new flip-flops……
In the midst of all of this heady wonder, I started thinking about places of delight…. places that give me a sense of peace and wonder – of safety and restoration.  There are places in my house that give me great solace.  My living room windows bring in soft afternoon/early evening light and suffuse the room with soft golden magic. Even walking by and glancing feels me with peace and gratitude, and sitting for a few moments is incredible calming and soothing.  In the magazine “Spirituality and Health”, some other descriptions of places of delight included: “A delightful place is an area/place you return to over and over and always leave with a smile and a sense of connecting with something bigger than you.”  “A place that makes you feel energized, calm, in tune with life and people.”   “A place where I can’t stop smiling.”  
What makes a place delightful?  Sounds such as water, the wind, silence, people talking, and birds.  A range of sights and sounds from deer to butterflies and dogs, from ferryboats to fish splashing, to trees and open horizons.  Smells of earthiness, water, flowers, food, pine trees, chocolate, eucalyptus, and freshly cut grass.
Delightful places are a wonderful way to unwind from the busyness of our lives, to relax and to connect with ourselves.   They nurture a feeling of connection: to oneself, to nature and to other people.  Having a special place of delight to visit promotes a feeling of hopefulness, creativity, spirituality and spaciousness within.
Create your own special place of delight in your home or yard.  Try putting a bench or chair with cushions under a favorite tree and add a pot of flowers or a garden statue that inspires you.  Find a corner in your home and make it a haven to stop in for your own nourishment and solace.  Be mindful of places in your daily life that lend themselves for moments of delight….a special bend in the path that you run or walk on, a favorite tree that calls to you, a corner coffee house with cozy outdoor seating where you can sip, watch and dream, a field trip to Botanic Gardens once a month, a floral shop where you walk in the door and just get knocked out with the heady smells and moist climate, or just about anywhere that beckons you to stop for a moment or many to feel its healing delight.
If you would like to share your own ideas of creating a place of delight, or know of some special spots that you want to let us know about, please write in and we will send them out to all.  This time of year, the whole world seems to be one giant place of DELIGHT!!  It only lasts for a moment…..look, breathe and enjoy.
With love and delight,
Randi, Daniela, Anne, and Paula


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