Thriving Women: Snappy Reminder...

Posted on Aug. 24, 2006 at 10:44 a.m.

By: Randi Waldman

Hello Wonderfully Thriving Women!
Snappy Reminder…….
We started Seed Project #3 tonight.   It is always such a magical time for Daniela and I to bring together a new group of women to embark on the iTHRiVE adventure!!  Linda Theus-Lee once again presented her one woman show “Rhea’s Story” and she was truly inspiring.  At one point in the show, she is completely down and out, literally passed out on the sidewalk and at her lowest point.  Lying there, she hears voices calling to her…..some telling her how worthless she is, and others telling her to get up, to pull herself up, to become the wonderful woman that she could be.  She hears her grandmother’s voice telling her not to let the storms of life stop her.  As the story goes along, she overcomes her adversities to become the radiant woman that she is today.
In the discussion following the play, I urged the women in the group to pay attention to the voices they listen to in their beings.  We have all had many negative seeds planted in our minds….from parents, other family members, teachers, media, etc.   Sometimes we have to listen more carefully to the voices of affirmation, telling us of our beauty, courage, intelligence and other aspects of our true and potential selves.  It is human nature to dial into the negative voices.  We can receive three compliments on our presentation, our outfit, our looks, etc, and one negative, and often the most potent and remembered comment is the one that was critical.  We have a choice on what to dial into and whose voice to give our attention to.  Sometimes, it is a surprising and rather obscure voice that can win the day!
Mary Engelbreit ( is a wonderful artist who has created some very memorable characters.  Some of them are quite staunch looking girls with thick, dark rimmed glasses, broad-brimmed hats, starched dresses that fall right above the knee and mary-jane shoes.  They are definitely young women with an attitude.  The captions that accompany them range from “Queen of Everything” to “Let’s put the FUN back into dysfunctional”, “LIVES :  Get one!”, “I’m in charge here”, and “Snap out of it!”.
From time to time, I have found myself in a rotten kind of funk of one nature or another.  Not necessarily a “this-is-really-serious-business-therapy-needed” kind of funk, but rather the “growly- icky-dust-cloud-over-the head-I’ve-got-the blues-ain’t-life-just-sucky” kind of funk.   These can actually be kind of fun for about five minutes, but tend to drag one down in short order if not caught in time.
I was having precisely that kind of “moment” one Saturday.  I had snarled my way through the morning without too much damage since I was home alone, although one unsuspecting dust bunny in the corner of the family room got an unprecedented amount of crabbiness directed at its rather harsh removal.  The dog had taken herself (the dog before Pablo was a glorious and sweet Golden Retriever named Elsa whose is now immortalized in some form of every password that I use) upstairs to nap far away from my vengeful cleaning techniques.
I proceeded into the garage to begin vigorously sweeping, each stroke fueled by some sort of whiny recounting of the current woes of my life.  As I swept away, a voice swam up from some deep recess of my mind to my consciousness.   SNAP OUT OF IT SISTER!!”  the voice admonished.  I looked up and swore I could see that plucky little girl wagging her finger at me and shaking her head at my foolishness.  And guess what??   I did!!  That was truly all that it took.  I ended up laughing at myself and realizing that all I had to do was to truly remind myself that I have a choice of mood and disposition, and that I can change directions at will if I so choose.  Many times after that day, I have invoked the voice of my internalized friend to help me snap out of whatever negative trend I found myself following.  It has been one of those small shifts that has made a huge difference in my life. 
What voices are you dialing into?  Listen carefully and clean out the ones that don’t work, amplify the ones that do, and add a new one every now and again for a fresh perspective.  We hope that you are having a wonderful week, and look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming Chakra workshop on Wednesday, February 15th , 7-9 pm at 82 South Broadway --- bring friends and introduce them to the iTHRiVE community!
We can’t wait to see you – it will be such a joy!
Thrive on in aliveness and health!
With love,
Randi and Daniela


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