Thriving Women: The day was sunny and delightfully warm

Posted on Aug. 28, 2005 at 10:02 a.m.

By: Randi Waldman

Dearest Thriving Women,

The day was sunny and delightfully warm, the oppressive heat of the summer behind us, leaving my skin bathed in golden light and cooled by a delightful breeze.  I felt the joy of body in motion as my bike and I zoomed along, taking in the sights, smells and sounds of this late summer morning.  Friendly people waved and nodded a greeting toward me as they passed by on bicycles, on foot, skateboards, rollerblades or in their cars.  I rode contentedly along, lost in my musings and the joy of being outdoors.  As I was headed on the last leg of my ride, I happened to see an oddly shaped figure approaching from the other direction.  My attention was on alert as I scrutinized this strange sight until it came close enough for me to see clearly.  Across the road from me, headed toward the center of the park, wheeled a man in his wheelchair.  I had happened across athletes in wheelchairs before, their upper bodies as finely tuned as the most highly trained gymnast or weight lifter.  This man was different.  His body looked frail and small in the chair, and on the back of the wheelchair was strapped an oxygen tank which had tubes that led to his nose.  On his face was a blissful smile reflecting the apparent pleasure he had of being in the world, in this park, in this moment and on his own steam.  He rolled contentedly along, smiling a welcoming beacon to me as we passed.  I spent the rest of my ride thinking about this man, his courage, his spunk and his obvious gratitude.

I thought of how many times a day we look at our bodies or our faces and see the flaws, the fat (imagined or real), the wrinkles, the imperfections.  I thought of how much attention we pay to our bodies when they fail us -- the frustration of an injury or the limitations we experience of varying natures.  I kept seeing this man and his little body rolling contentedly along fueled by his spirit and his oxygen tank.

I wondered how often (if ever) we actually thank our bodies for the miracles they provide for us every moment of every day?  I decided to dedicate this week's newsletter to thanking our body parts.  I am inviting each of us to spend a part of every day this week thanking......

Our feet for holding us up
Our legs for propelling us forward
Our hearts for the miracle of pumping blood and for containing for the mystery and depth of love
Our lungs for putting life-giving oxygen into our bodies
Our brains for the unimaginable gift of thought, reason and process
Our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin for the delight of the senses
Our arms and hands for the purpose they command
And on and on to each element of our beloved, reliable, miraculous body parts!!

Imagine if you will, that delightfully happy man rolling along in his gratitude, and say YES to your own imperfect, perfectly wonderful body!  Let your body take you forward into a really great, thriving holiday weekend.  Following the body of this email are some ideas of how to spend your Labor Day weekend.   Enjoy, enjoy!

With love, 
Randi and Daniela


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