Thriving Women: Winter Greeting to all of you Wonderful iTHRiVE Women

Posted on Feb. 12, 2006 at 10:37 a.m.

By: Randi Waldman

Winter Greetings to all of you Wonderful iTHRiVE Women!!
The long, thin legs of a colt, wavy black hair, sort of a plumy tail (many blank spots due to burrs being cut off), sparkly brown eyes full of mischief, rough pink tongue, very white teeth in a black face, and a personality mix of Red Skelton, Scoobie Doo, Robin Williams and George Clooney!  In short, he is the bad boy every girl hates to love and he is mine, all mine!  What, you might ask, does this have to do with iTHRiVE?  Funny you should inquire......
My office is strewn about with quote books, spiritual manifestos, and magazines of various sorts.  As I sought inspiration for what to write in this newsletter, I found inspiration elusive and my mind wandering again and again to thoughts about Pablo.  I normally have the idea for the newsletter many days before the writing process, and by the time I sit down to write, it all seems to flow along.  Not so this time.  After repeated starts and stops over several days, frustration building and Pablo thoughts distracting me, I FINALLY GOT IT!  Pablo is the topic du jour!
I went down the more typical path of dog as the ever-faithful, loving friend always there to greet me, etc, etc.....but that just was NOT hitting the mark.  Hmmmm.  I decided to take a walk to try to clear the pathways to iTHRiVE inspiration in newsletter form.  Pablo, the unsuspecting protagonist of this story, was merely thrilled to on our way to the field where I throw the ball for him on such a clear and gorgeous day.  Somewhere around ball throwing number 55 (I have a wonderful plastic throwing device that fools me into thinking I am on par with Babe Ruth, and also protects my pure hands from the ball of slime that that happens instantaneously when ball meets Mouth of Pablo), it came to me.......Pablo embodies the very essence of iTHRiVE ALIVENESS!!!!   So here we go.....
The arts --  Pablo is named after the spirits of Pablo Neruda and Pablo Picasso  (I over-ruled my daughters pleas for more "normal" names) because I wanted to imagine being surrounded by creative, passionate, poetic and artistic love.  As a single woman, one must evoke an atmosphere of fiery expression and possibility!!
Pablo is also the quintessential example of living art.  Today he was a study of contrast - black against the white, snowy field.  At one point, as he bounded toward me, the sun glinted against the water drops on his fur, and it looked as if hundreds of tiny diamonds were sparkling parts of him lighting him with joy and delight.
Overcoming blocks - Pablo has really had to struggle with his desire to be an undisciplined Dog of the Wild.  We have had to go the rounds of resistance and surrender to the order of the Waldman household!  He had to go deep within (which included an extended visit to Doggie Boot Camp - the sleep-away variety) to assess and clarify his values and directions that would lead to a mindful, balanced and collaborative existence.  This, of course, came after he did a deep assessment of what relationship form he operates from!
Clear and loving communication - Pabs can greet with joyful abandon, wedge himself between  two huggers at any time, and soothe his separation anxiety quite effectively by eating any stray and favorite panties (his personal favorite - thongs).
Unconditional love - Pablo exhibits the highest form of unconditional love.  No matter how disgusting, how covered with slime, how blackened with dirt and grunge, Pablo loves his tennis ball.  He looks at it with eyes of love and longing, cares for it lovingly and never lets it part from his sight.  He is even capable of loving multiple balls at once, like his own children, and he tends to them with nurturing care!
Savoring the senses - Eating with ecstasy, groaning with pleasure as he sinks onto his bed, sniffing with delight at life, singing with gusto and listening with acuity to all that comes his way makes Pablo's life full and rich.
Being in the moment - Pablo is a man of the "right here and now"!  One minute ago is insignificant and tomorrow is an undefined concept.  Forgive and forget, just breathe, savor each moment are the credos which guides this wise doggie's life.
Yes, Pablo is the very symbol of ALIVENESS!! We can learn from him and celebrate our own progress towards a life of lively aliveness!  So, it is in that spirit that I wish each and every one of you a wonderful week of life, health and humor .
Much love,
Randi and Daniela


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