Posted on April 4, 2007 at 11:12 a.m.

By: Randi Waldman

The flag outside my office window is waving frantically from its perpendicular position to the pole. The howling sound seeping in between the edges of the windows is unsettling and agitating. I try to refocus my concentration, but the wind is commanding my attention and swirling my thoughts along with the dust and debris left from our dramatic winter. I sigh in surrender to the wind’s insistence and allow myself to be swept away by its power.

It is hard to ignore the wind. Like an uninvited guest, its presence demands an adjustment to the usual flow of peace and routine. Dogs howl, wind chimes sing their songs in a demanding, staccato chorus, unmoored trash cans fly down the street in an adventure of unaccustomed freedom and babies bury their heads in the safe comfort of shoulders and carriage blankets. One wakes up from a deep sleep and spends the rest of the night tossing and turning away from the relentless background noises blowing away tranquility like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn.

March winds blowing in like a lion. I have heard that phrase all of my life, and today, as it takes me into its fierce roar; I contemplate the miracle and metaphor of wind. We are in the transition from winter to spring. While mild temperatures beguile us into burgeoning energy, snow and cold reappear to pull on the back of our shirts as if to slow us down to appreciate the process of moving into the new season. And through it all the wind blows loudly and insistently. I marvel at the way Mother Nature provides an external path for our internal world to adjust to the earth’s turning toward a new beginning. The wind awakens us. It keeps us from sleep and inertia. It blows away what has collected over the long, dark winter, both in the landscape of the world around us and in our own internal terrain. “Change is coming!” the wind tells us. “Prepare yourself.” it cajoles. “Clean out your gardens, sweep your porches, wipe away the grime on your windows, and clean out the cobwebs in your mind, spirit and soul”. “Get ready, get ready!”

The wind will change us, no matter what. We must bend like a willow with our roots tethering us to our core or we will break and blow away with the wind. We must be ready for the changes that await us by listening, by surrendering, by being flexible to the direction the wind takes us. Think about what your internal winter debris consists of in your mental, physical and emotional self, and what you want the March winds to cleanse.

Consider the category that your debris would fall under so the correct wind direction can be called forth:

South wind (very physical/body centered) betrayal of self, i.e. “Have I let down self in some way as in not accomplishing a goal, not appreciating myself, have I violated my own self trust?”

West wind (manifesting your will, i.e., dreams and desires) feeling stuck, i.e. “Am I having a hard time letting go of past dreams that did not go into fruition, such as in career, romance, house etc.?”

North wind (mental clarity, rational balance) freedom from delusion, i.e. “How have I been dishonest with myself/not able to see the truth in a situation?

East wind (spiritual self) spiritual awareness/alignment, i.e. “Am I understanding the blocks that are keeping me from my highest self and my divine purpose?

As you decide what needs to be cleansed, meditate on the proper wind direction to come and prepare you to begin anew, to create new goals, a different vision, an honest relationship with yourself, and an avenue to expressing your highest self and purpose. Thank the wind for waking you up with its insistent call to action, and ask for the faith, flexibility and strength to bend like a willow in order to stay tethered while your new direction manifests. Feel the synchronicity of nature, earth’s movements in the planetary universe, and your own internal experience of being part of the energy, magic and mystery of it all!


Thrivingly yours in the winds of change,
Randi, Daniela, Anne and Paula


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