Courses & Services

Throughout your lifetime you may experience any number of transitions.  iTHRiVE™ attracts women from their 20's to their 70's, in various stages of life cycle development, including:

  • Women of all ages, seeking balance and continued, personal development
  • Women seeking community, connections and mentors
  • Women entering or re-entering the workforce
  • Women considering career change or transitioning from career to retirement
  • Women who are single-not-by-choice
  • Mothers and Empty nesters
  • Women in various phases of divorce recovery
  • Women in categories yet to be discovered!

Life's transitions can be overwhelming. And yet, in the newness and challenge of it all, these shifts also represent opportunities to learn and grow, especially when supported by a community of like-minded, like-hearted women. iTHRiVE™ is the right place for you to answer the questions, "Who am I now?" "What interests and inspires me?" and "What's next in my life?"

As experts in the fields of education, psychology, and women's development, co-creators Daniela Abbott, MA, LMFT and Randi Waldman, MA, LPC have designed iTHRiVE™'s Signature Course: THE Seed Project™, a rich and multi-faceted curriculum that offers each woman a clear rendering of what is meaningful, joyful, and inspiring at each juncture in her life. After women graduate from the Seed Project™, they are invited to participate in the iTHRiVE™ COMMUNITY: a dynamic and nurturing circle of women PLUS ongoing classes, events, and opportunities for service that encourage self-discovery, empowerment, and development over the lifespan. The combination is powerful!

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