Total Life Guides, Corporate Circles, Ceremonies, and Events

Total Life Guides: Daniela and Randi have a rich blend of expertise. Each has graduate degrees along with career and life experience in the following areas:

  • Teaching, Program and Curriculum Development
  • Individual, Couples and Relationship Therapy
  • Women's Psychology and Development
  • Family Psychology, Parenting and Divorce Recovery
  • Spiritual Awareness and Development
  • Wellness/Fitness
  • Creativity
  • Strength-Based Life Strategies
  • Small Business Ownership
  • Public speaking
  • Living with gratitude and zest amongst it all!

As Total Life Guides, Educators and Licensed Psychotherapists, we have the training and experience to ensure, first and foremost, a safe and nurturing home for your growth. This foundation allows you to venture forth in your own life, while enjoying the expansiveness, creativity and fun that IS the iTHRiVE™ community!

To inquire about ways to bring these rich resources into your life or upcoming event, please contact us.